Food for The Feast

Due to medical issues, our food coordinators will not be able to facilitate daily meal services this year. Please bring enough food for your party. Food can easily be kept in coolers and cooked on portable camp grills. There are local groceries and restaurants available in town.

One of the lessons of Sukkot is for both individuals and households to learn to be fully prepared. Remember that we are instructed not to come to the Feast empty handed in Deuteronomy 16:16-17. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own meals so please plan accordingly. We can still all break bread together on the covered patio and on the two Holy days we will have fellowship meals where we can all bring a dish to share for lunch.

  • Food can easily be kept in coolers and cooked on your own portable camp grills.
  • Please keep all fires up off the ground, and use portable fire pits and bring portable camp grills for cooking.
  • Coffee house available every morning except for Holy days, specific hours TBA.
  • Snack shack will be open every day, except for Holy days, specific hours TBA.
  • We will have fellowship meals scheduled for lunch, so be prepared to help pitch in for the Holy Days.
  • We will have access to a huge covered porch with tables and chairs.  There are also picnic tables scattered throughout the camp, and riverside.  So please, come together with your meals, sit, eat, fellowship!